#MakeASplash #Watercolour5 Again for this I employed my Wilko gel pens. This time I drew out some imaginary bits and bobs in blue ink. Afterwards I took my masking fluid pen and added in more details or retraced my drawing. I wanted to have the contrast between using blue ink lines and the white of the paper Once the masking fluid was dry I painted over the image very roughly with a large brush.   


The first of 50 watercolour challenge paintings. This paperclip inspired piece was created using some nifty masking techniques. Materials list:  1 sheet of Cass Art Jumbo Watercolour Pad (I used A4) Masking tape Masking fluid Watercolour paints Decorators brush / large watercolour brush     Method: Mask off the edges of the paper using your masking tape. A nice tip here is to use very thick masking tape and tape the sheet down to a board to prevent buckling and frame the image. Using masking fluid draw out the shape of a paper clip. If you’re using masking fluid from…

"White Rose", watercolour on paper, 21x25cm, Charlie Kirkham 2015.

Watercolour White Rose: Demo 

As part of the watercolour course I teach I like to show students how to tackle difficult subjects. One of those is how to deal with white when painting with watercolour. I encourage students not to draw out in pencil. This isn’t because I have a problem with pencil, but because once a graphite line is in students tend to treat it as gospel and be unwilling to rub out. The first step is to make a quick sketch on rough paper or your sketchbook. Use this as a guide for composition and tone. Then, using a neutral, light coloured…