"Six Little Fishes", 6x4" collage on board, Charlie Kirkham 2014.

Six Little Fishes

This was a fun image to work on. The orange paper instantly suggested fish. All the paper used in this small scale collage comes from junk mail. The inside pattern on the envelope made me think of bubbles, that, coupled with the orange, suggested the idea of having the goldfish riding the ocean waves. What appeals to me about collage is the freedom of composition it gives, it’s a very clean way of trying out new layouts.

"Froggy and the Tadpoles", mixed media on paper, 43x30cm, Charlie Kirkham 2013.

Froggy and the Tadpoles

I was trying to merge 2D and 3D in this piece. It started when I saw some googly eyes and thought they looked like frog spawn. This work also linked into the mural I was creating about healthy eating and the life cycle at Rhymes Nursery, Birmingham. Using found buttons, sequins, eyes and leaf skeletons I merged the collage and drawing elements.