SGFA Annual Exhibition @ The Menier Gallery, London

Opening on Monday the 5th of October and running until the 17th the Annual Open Exhibition of the SGFA shows drawing in all its forms. I will be showing three pieces, “Golden Boy”, “The Red Tree” and “Autumn Leaves“.

Wren in the Treemen’s Wood With Three Goldfish

The Wren started off as an idea in my sketchbook, as so many drawings do. It was an image that I liked but was unsure what to do with. Later, as I began the series exploring the imaginary woods of the Tree People, a people who are based on mythological tree spirits. For more myths about trees see Working in paintmarker and ink for the colours I wanted to fully integrate the pencil drawing into the work. Each branch of the trees and the shadows of the fish are creating using HB pencil. The leafless branches become a pattern…

"Urban Forest", 23x24cm, Green Ink Aquatint on Fabriano Paper, limited print run. Charlie Kirkham 2014.

Urban Forest

I started this as a hard ground etching, it’s only a small 25x25cm plate (roofer’s zinc, 1mm). After running a proof of the etching I wanted to add in tonality. Aquatint is a great method for adding tone either in addition to or in place of etching’s cross hatched lines. Based on this sketchbook page: The colour is a mix of ivory black and viridian green intaglio inks, I used Fabriano paper as it’s a nice in between, the smooth effect of cartridge with more bite, but not as thick and absorbent as the Somerset papers. It is showing at…