"Six Little Fishes", 6x4" collage on board, Charlie Kirkham 2014.

Six Little Fishes

This was a fun image to work on. The orange paper instantly suggested fish. All the paper used in this small scale collage comes from junk mail. The inside pattern on the envelope made me think of bubbles, that, coupled with the orange, suggested the idea of having the goldfish riding the ocean waves. What appeals to me about collage is the freedom of composition it gives, it’s a very clean way of trying out new layouts.

Zoro the Lobster

Working with collage has been fun. It’s given me a chance to explore the materiality of the paper a lot more and to find themes in new ways. I added the mask to this little lobster and used an old envelope to give him somewhere homelike under the sea. The motif of the pineapple decoration, from the Masked Ball┬ácollage series also comes into play. Using junk mail, handmade paper, old work, recycling pieces and handouts and combining it all with origami papers gives an eclectic feel. What I have enjoyed a lot is using bits of text just as tonal…