"Flowers on Flowers", collage and watercolour on paper, 700x320mm. Charlie Kirkham 2014.

Flowers On Flowers

This collage was based on a still life set up. I did a quick study in watercolour using a limited palette. What appealed to me about this vase was that it reflected everything, in the collage I wanted to get that sense of reflection, and feel as if when you walked in front of the picture you see your self-portrait. I used textured metallic foil (the kind you use on floors) to create the vase. The imagery was a response to the materials. I really liked the vintage feel of the wallpaper with its gold applique and flowers, so it…

Red Tree Label

I enjoy working with materials to see their properties. This is a large sketchbook piece based on mock croc skin red paper. Using the paper as the guide I coloured in the tree with paint pens. Exploring pop ups, labels and interactive book qualities I added the label. I love creating pieces you can interact with and change. This study went on to develop into the intricate Papercut collage Red Tree.