"Six Little Fishes", 6x4" collage on board, Charlie Kirkham 2014.

Six Little Fishes

This was a fun image to work on. The orange paper instantly suggested fish. All the paper used in this small scale collage comes from junk mail. The inside pattern on the envelope made me think of bubbles, that, coupled with the orange, suggested the idea of having the goldfish riding the ocean waves. What appeals to me about collage is the freedom of composition it gives, it’s a very clean way of trying out new layouts.

"The Red Tree" 420x594mm, collage on card, Charlie Kirkham 2013.

The Red Tree

Based on the Treemen studies in my sketchbook I started to explore the seasons via Papercut collage. Each part is hand cut. It’s a very time consuming process, especially when working on this larger A2 scale. This collage has an element of line drawing (the black lines on the central tree) which was added using paint marker. Using the different papers means it’s really possible to explore different textures. The main trunk of the tree is created with craft tapes in various patterns mixed with a semi-transparent art paper. I used a lot of polka-dotted double-sided origami papers for the…

Red Tree Label

I enjoy working with materials to see their properties. This is a large sketchbook piece based on mock croc skin red paper. Using the paper as the guide I coloured in the tree with paint pens. Exploring pop ups, labels and interactive book qualities I added the label. I love creating pieces you can interact with and change. This study went on to develop into the intricate Papercut collage Red Tree.