SGFA Annual Exhibition @ The Menier Gallery, London

Opening on Monday the 5th of October and running until the 17th the Annual Open Exhibition of the SGFA shows drawing in all its forms. I will be showing three pieces, “Golden Boy”, “The Red Tree” and “Autumn Leaves“.

"Urban Forest", 23x24cm, Green Ink Aquatint on Fabriano Paper, limited print run. Charlie Kirkham 2014.

Urban Forest

I started this as a hard ground etching, it’s only a small 25x25cm plate (roofer’s zinc, 1mm). After running a proof of the etching I wanted to add in tonality. Aquatint is a great method for adding tone either in addition to or in place of etching’s cross hatched lines. Based on this sketchbook page: The colour is a mix of ivory black and viridian green intaglio inks, I used Fabriano paper as it’s a nice in between, the smooth effect of cartridge with more bite, but not as thick and absorbent as the Somerset papers. It is showing at…