"The Reason Elephants Don't Eat Popcorn", marker pen on collograph, 6x6".

The Reason Elephants Don’t Eat Popcorn

I created a collograph of an Iris using a very, very small plate and magenta pink ink. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens with collographs, the print was disappointing. I liked the colours and shapes though so used a marker pen to draw over it. In Psychology the concept of Perceptual Set Theory was explored by¬†Deregowski (1972). It showed the cultural bias in the perception of perspective by using two elephant drawings, one showing a split view and the other a top perspective. Only one child preferred the top view and for the reason that the elephant in the split image was…

Saint Dorethea’s Orchard (so far!)

The third in my series of Saintly Trees. This is based on the saint of orchards and gardeners, Dorethea. The story is reproduced here: http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=221 There are also some fantastic paintings which helped me with he apples, Lucas Cranach the Elder’s Venus & Cupid is a great example (and free to visit!) http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/paintings/lucas-cranach-the-elder-cupid-complaining-to-venus The drawing is 100x100cm. Initially I primed the paper with grey acrylic as my main challenge withy he last two was getting a sense of depth and tone. Obliterating the white was liberating. Here’s the journey so far: I will publish more photos as the drawing progresses.