"The Swineherd's Yellow Fox: Detail", 170x23cm, Acrylic & Ink on paper, Charlie Kirkham 2013.

The Swineherd’s Yellow Fox (detail)

Based entirely on the poem “The Swineherd” by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin (also used as inspiration here). The detail above shows part of the 170cm long work on paper. I wanted to incorporate a lot of repeating motifs and I liked the idea of the yellow fox literally hiding and reappearing.

"Treeman Holding the Fox", 297x420mm, paint marker, ink and pencil on paper, Charlie Kirkham 2013.

Treeman Holding the Fox

This image was based around the Treemen’s woods idea. Following on from the sketchbook images and pieces that were inspired by the combination of “Who Killed Cock Robin?” and “The Swineherd“. When all this is over, said the swineherd, I mean to retire, where Nobody will have heard about my special skills And conversation is mainly about the weather. I intend to learn how to make coffee, as least as well As the Portuguese lay-sister in the kitchen And polish the brass fenders every day. I want to lie awake at night Listening to cream crawling to the top of…

Red Tree Label

I enjoy working with materials to see their properties. This is a large sketchbook piece based on mock croc skin red paper. Using the paper as the guide I coloured in the tree with paint pens. Exploring pop ups, labels and interactive book qualities I added the label. I love creating pieces you can interact with and change. This study went on to develop into the intricate Papercut collage Red Tree.

"Urban Forest", 23x24cm, Green Ink Aquatint on Fabriano Paper, limited print run. Charlie Kirkham 2014.

Urban Forest

I started this as a hard ground etching, it’s only a small 25x25cm plate (roofer’s zinc, 1mm). After running a proof of the etching I wanted to add in tonality. Aquatint is a great method for adding tone either in addition to or in place of etching’s cross hatched lines. Based on this sketchbook page: The colour is a mix of ivory black and viridian green intaglio inks, I used Fabriano paper as it’s a nice in between, the smooth effect of cartridge with more bite, but not as thick and absorbent as the Somerset papers. It is showing at…