Exploring decoupage

I’ve recently moved house, which has resulted in acquiring and being gifted lots of objects, furniture etc.

I’ve always wanted to try decoupage and decided this would be the perfect opportunity. Starting with a wooden coffee table, I painted the table white using chalk paint, leaving the top blank.

The next stage was to take out the drawer I wanted to try découpage on the inside first (in case it went wrong!).

Thé top wasn’t level so I added in a piece of card and then levelled with gesso.

Onto the fun bit! My friend has prior experience in all things diy so I picked her brains. She said PVA glue was fine and to varnish afterwards when everything set.

I chose golds, reds and magenta for the palette.

With the drawer I painted the front bronze with spray acrylic then used ThIs white and tissue paper to create a semi opaque look

I used the same tissue paper, wrapping papers and blank scrap as well as bits of old drawings for for the table top.

after I used the white paper on the panels I applied a coat of magenta acrylic and used gold posca pens to draw on flowers echoing the ones in the wrapping paper borders.

The final stage has been to varnish it and I’ve got the new drawer handle en route!

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