‘Adam & Eve’ after Lucas Cranach the Elder

‘Adam and Eve’ by Lucas Cranach the Elder

The Courtauld Institute houses the fantastic ‘Adam and Eve’ by Lucas Cranach the Elder. I drew from it some years ago, a quick pencil study which has been at the bottom of my sketchbook gathering dust. It was when I drew from Cranach’s National Gallery Venus and Cupid painting that I remembered my previous love of this one.

The initial sketchbook page study done at the Courtauld Institute from the painting

What draws me to Cranach the Elder is the bizarre forms of the figures and the composition of the elongated shapes. I looked at my sketch, a detail from the centre of the painting and wanted to continue with my collage series using this as inspiration.

It happened that at the same point I was given an empty box of Turkish Delight (I did help empty it). The box is a light coloured softwood and I wanted to keep this colour and the grain showing for parts of the collage.

It’s been really enjoyable exploring great works of art though sketches and collage.

This piece will be on display at Street Gallery, UCLH, London from 2-22 February 2017.

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