After Titian “Bacchus and Ariadne”

Another painting to fall in love with. Titian was such a master of colour that I couldn’t face trying to do a coloured drawing from this piece. I only had a limited amount of time in the gallery when I decided to sketch it. My initial sketch was a simple black pen line drawing.

After my adventure with rhinestones working on the large Esther Collage it seemed like a good experiment to see if I could create a collage entirely in the rhinestones. I wanted to be able to see my initial drawing, so used clear plastic as a base. This made the process very fiddly.


Once I got the gems to adhere I layered up glitter between two sheets of the plastic. This turned the collage into more of a wobbly object. The overall effect was a big departure from the initial compositional referencing. The explosion of colours makes me smile, as does knowing that it’s not simply a mix of abstract shapes.


For the framing a tray seemed like the best way to allow the surface, with all the wobbling to show through. I set the whole image with five layers of matt varnish. Next time I intend to use mount board for the backing to avoid the sticking problems and the danger of warping. I’m very pleased with the end result however, but need a few weeks to recover before tackling another gem stone challenge.

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