Vision of Saint Jerome

I started this after the Parmigianino in the National Gallery. The shape was a challenge, especially when I decided to use glue dot backed rhinestones.

"Virgin and Child with Saints (Vision of Saint Jerome)", collage on board, 8.5x9" (framed), Charlie Kirkham 2016.
“Virgin and Child with Saints (Vision of Saint Jerome)”, collage on board, 8.5×9″ (framed), Charlie Kirkham 2016.

Fortunately, the rhinestones left over from the enormous Esther Collage came in a variety of sizes, so I got a good fit on the semi circle.

Although I’m sure the other devotees of Parmigiannino would be horrified at my homage the collage is in no way intended to replicate the original. Like all the other pieces I’m working on inspired by the National Gallery’s collection, it has been a way of exploring composition. It’s also helping me to form an answer to the eternal question of what to do with all my drawings once I’ve drawn them.

I loved getting the bling out for this, it’s also been a relief to work on small scale pieces after the large scale works. It’s rewarding to be able to finish a piece in less than 12 months!

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