“Drawing on Location” at Southwark Cathedral Refectory

From 16 January until 11 March 2016 I am exhibiting as part of a SGFA group show in the Southwark Cathedral Refectory, “Drawing on Location”. The cathedral is an extraordinary place dating back 1106 It has transitioned through changes in worship, the reformation and the bombing a of World War II.

“St. George and the Dragon”, oil on board, 13.5×13.5cm (unframed).

There are some wonderful oddities to be found in the cathedral. I decided to focus on the patterns and imagery.

I’ve chosen six main motifs and based the palette on the green, red and gold of the cathedral ceiling and the st George and the dragon relief.

"Southwark Cathedral Ceiling", oil on board, 13.5x13.5cm (unframed), Charlie Kirkham 2016.
“Southwark Cathedral Ceiling”, oil on board, 13.5×13.5cm (unframed).

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