Rebecca and a violin 

A square canvas and a brief to get two figures in…

I chose a palette of Indian red, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, zinc white, black and Paynes grey to start thus piece. Later,  to push the redness of the red satin dress I added in a strong cadmium red.

As a general rule I dislike painting redheads wearing red lipstick in red. It always strikes me as overkill, and it’s hard to focus on painting when faced with the Orange fighting against the blue-red dress. However, like so many thibgs in life it’s all right once you get stuck in.

I couldn’t really resolve the problem or the Orange heat verses the red dress cool. The skin seemed to getting chalkier and chalkier as a result until Rebecca looked more zombie than woman.

Adding in the second figure, with the totally different colours was a big challenge. It was not successful and I’m still contemplating replacing the second figure and entire upper right hand section with black. This painting was a good challenge.

"Rebecca and Violin", oil on canvas, 90x90cm, 2015.
“Rebecca and Violin”, oil on canvas, 90x90cm, 2015.

The painting is on display at Tanner & Co. from the 16 – 30 September 2015.