Brick by brick 

"Brick 1", acrylic and ink on coloured paper. 6x2", Charlie Kirkham 2015.
“Brick 1″, acrylic and ink on coloured paper. 6×2”, Charlie Kirkham 2015.

Creating the set up for Nick’s portrait had the side effect of leaving me with extra wallpaper. I wanted to use this as background for mini studies.

Cutting out the bricks I created an urban landscape in ink and acrylic.
Working in different places means I’m frequently commuting.  This is a great opportunity to use a sketchbook, but, sometimes it’s nice to have set pieces to work on during a train journey. Mounting the bricks individually on mount board means they are very easy to transport. Add in a few paint markers and a delayed train is far less stressful.
The aim now is to create a series to be displayed as a multi piece project.