#MakeASplash #Watercolour3


This was done using a masking out method. I used:

  • One sheet of Cass Art Jumbo watercolour pad paper, A4 size
  • Masking fluid pen
  • Watercolour travel box set (Windosr & Newton)
  • Watercolour brushes

I started by quickly drawing the train as it pulled away from Kingston station. I used the masking fluid pen to get the lines down. The only trouble drawing with masking fluid on the go is that it takes a while to dry. If you’ve got ten minutes until your train is due though, it works perfectly.

Once the masking fluid was dry I used my memory to re-create the colours of the train in the station and the figure on the bench on the platform opposite. When the paint was fully dried I peeled away the masking fluid to reveal the white lines. It’s a nice technique to try as an alternative to the classic pencil or black lines.