Rock View, Saint Cast

When things get hectic it’s nice to take a break from it all. I did just that this Easter with a sailing trip to Brittany. One of the best things about sailing is the view, you see things from a totally different perspective.

Using my watercolour notebook to record colours and ideas was a great way to exploit the limited time available when not tacking or helming.

There were chances to paint from the land as well, which was fantastic! Here, I wanted to capture the sense of the yellow lichen against the blue sky. Sitting on the rock for an hour painting this revealed just how how quickly the tides change in this part of Europe. As I watched the tide dropped revealing a mussel farm. Local fisherman were coming to the beach underneath digging for worms and there were a few small boats on the far horizon fishing.

"Rock Lichen in Saint Cast", watercolour on paper, 16x12", Charlie Kirkham 2015.
“Rock Lichen in Saint Cast”, watercolour on paper, 16×12″, Charlie Kirkham 2015.