Flowers On Flowers

"Flowers on Flowers"
“Flowers on Flowers”

This collage was based on a still life set up. I did a quick study in watercolour using a limited palette. What appealed to me about this vase was that it reflected everything, in the collage I wanted to get that sense of reflection, and feel as if when you walked in front of the picture you see your self-portrait. I used textured metallic foil (the kind you use on floors) to create the vase. The imagery was a response to the materials. I really liked the vintage feel of the wallpaper with its gold applique and flowers, so it seemed intuitive to use it as the backdrop to my flowers. In the photograph of the set up you can see the reflection of me taking the photo (in contrast to me at my easel in the watercolour). I wanted to show this as the flowers are all fake, something that might not come across in the painting or collage. Using silks changed the dynamic because the whole still life became about objects. There was no flower there, just abstractions of flowers in the form of silks, pattern and my own abstractions. I enjoyed working on the long format because it felt more like I was creating a mini-wallpaper and seemed truer to the materials.

Watercolour study for "Flowers on Flowers", 21x27 cm, Charlie Kirkham 2014.
Watercolour study for “Flowers on Flowers”, 21×27 cm, Charlie Kirkham 2014.
Set up of still life for "Flowers on Flowers".
Set up of still life for “Flowers on Flowers”.